Hey there, and welcome to my new blog! Come on in and stay a while!

Allow me to introduce myself if you already don’t know me already. My name is Josh Wolfe, and I am a travel agent for Cruises, Inc. A full-service travel agency. In this post, I’m going to give you some background on me, where I grew up, what inspires me, and what my intentions are for this new endeavor. So, imagine yourself and me sitting on the front porch on a sunny, spring day in a small western North Carolina town, and let’s have us a conversation over a glass of sweet tea. What do you say? Are you ready?

For starters, I grew up in a small community in North Carolina called “Happy Valley” also known as Patterson that’s just outside the city limits of Lenoir. I have one sister, who’s married to my brother-in-law, and they have three, beautiful daughters, and I am proud to be their uncle. Happy Valley has a river, called the Yadkin River, that runs down the middle and splits the Valley into two parts with a Mountain Ridgeline that runs along the opposite side of where my home is. One side has Hwy 268, and the other is Hollywood Ridge Road. In the last thirteen years, I have been diagnosed with kidney failure, been on dialysis, and have had two kidney transplants. That journey has been long, but I wouldn’t take anything for it. It has helped shape me more into the man I want to be for life.

With that said, I am undoubtedly thankful for everything life has sent my way – even the good, the bad, and the ugly. Through all of it, I am humble beyond what my mind can put into words to describe. Isn’t it funny how life will do that you? I wake up every day wanting to celebrate my life and live to the fullest that I can, and would hope and encourage you to do the same. Why? Because some do not get that chance. Think about everything you have been able to experience – Christmas with your family and friends, graduating from high school and college, driving your first car at sixteen, buying that first pack of cigarettes or beer. Do you see my point? Always be grateful for your blessings in life.

Now, you may be wondering “What made you decide to want to be a travel agent?” And my answer is, after doing soul searching and career counseling, being a travel agent was one of the top career choices for me. Being the kind of person that can easily talk to people and build relationships and trust, and love to learn about others and their passions are something I’ve always enjoyed. Now I can use my gifts and talents towards being a travel agent while learning the industry. Plus, I want to be able to give my clients the best experience while working with me as I plan their dream vacation. Cruises, Inc. offers so much, and I would love the chance to work with each of you to plan YOUR next dream vacation!